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Impact of Translation Memory Tools on Translation Services

The translation memory tool, (TM) is a new booming concept used in contemporary translation technology to transform the industry day by day. It is a type of database that is primarily used in translation software programs to support human translators. It contains text segments in a source language and their translation equivalents into one or more target languages. Moreover, these segments can be single words, paragraphs, blocks, or phrases. Designed to facilitate major functions like segmentation of source text and matching the original with the corresponding target segments, this device helps translators complete their assignments more effectively.

Looking at the present scenario, this technology has turn out to be both crucial and popular. It has brought a new revolution in the translation business, where the translator can successfully use online and electronic resources. In the last few years, some of the most admired translation memory tools like Wordfast, Trados, DejaVu and SDLX have brought a radical change into the translator's operational techniques and its impact on translation industry can't be ignored. Some of the advantages brought by these Computer Assisted Tools are the big savings in time when repetitive terminology and sentences happen in the project being carried out. Not only that, the repetitive text with small variations can be reutilized to produce a homogeneous and consistent translation with considerable productivity increases that lead to cost reduction for the end customer. With these tools the terms used in the past are very much on the translator's finger tips, thus making the work more enjoyable and less stressful while the customer gets a better quality. Once a good TM has been produced, this can be also used by less experienced translators because the TM contains many of the secrets written by the experienced translator. In very large projects where team-work is a key factor, the TM can be shared on-line by a large team of translators and the less experienced translators will be instantly assisted by experts in the field to obtain incredible results that otherwise would not be possible.

With TM, there is no need to strain the eyes every time searching for the beginning of the next source sentence that needs to be translated. This technology, will never allow you to bounce a sentence or even a paragraph, which is one of the most common situation when required to translate any hard copy or when overwriting electronic documents. As a result of this the translation will be free of missing translation bits and pieces.

As the competition is getting tougher in the translation business, this technology also equips translators to handle the information outburst in all areas of human endeavor. Translation Memory Tools has proved to be a very functional tool for assisting the localization of HTML and additional software files with Tags to maintain the formats and the code of the original document. The Tag Editor is used in these cases. In addition to all this, the Translation Memory Tool also provides additional benefits to client as it saves time and some discounts can be applied to the end customer for providing the work in a "friendly" format that lessens the work burden. In this case clients pay reduced fees for recurrent and repetitive text. The translation memory files also provide clients the flexibility of using diverse translators or agencies in future project without having to stick to the same provider, therefore the TM can be considered as freedom provider.

Nowadays, the Translation Memory Tool has become very popular among translators and agencies doing translation of technical manuals due to the large amounts of recurrent text that can be easily reutilized to provide better quality at a lower cost in a shorter period of time. Exactly what the customer is expecting from the translation provider.

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